Nurse Assistant STNA

Chardon, Ohio

Title: STNA Nurse Assistant

Location: Chardon, OH


Provides all basic care services as required by the patient.  Provides support in hygiene, grooming toileting, mobility and eating. Assists with new patients’ adjustment to environment and routines.  Maintains patient areas and work areas in a clean, safe and orderly manner.  Treats patients with respect and full recognition of their individuality at all times.  Understands and promotes standards to avoid spread of infection and contagious illnesses. Performs other duties relating to patient care when assigned within limits of her training. Follows established facility policies and procedures while providing and coordinating patient care with other facility personnel. Recognizes that the Provincial Center is the Sisters’ home and works to foster that atmosphere.  Fosters an atmosphere of teamwork and conveys an attitude of understanding, trust, concern and sensitivity to all persons.  Sets appropriate example in dress and behavior, in the safe and efficient performance of responsibilities, and in communication and cooperation with all departments.


(Listed in order of importance, frequency or sequence, 1=most important/frequent, etc.). NOTE:  Indicate non-essential accountabilities with an asterisk*.  All other functions are “absolutely necessary for this job”.

  1. Follows established performance standards and performs duties according to nursing service policies and procedures. 
  2. Requests clarification and/or training for policies and procedures that are not clearly understood. 
  3. Assists new employees/workers in following established facility policies and procedures. 
  4. Identifies special resident problems and reports them immediately to the RN supervisor/ Director of Nursing. 
  5. Is actively aware and involved in the resident’s safety. Works with the rest of the staff to maintain a safe environment and resident safety. 
  6. Is aware of environmental safety at all times. Reports broken equipment and removes it from the area if necessary until it can be repaired. 
  7. Develops observational skills 
  8. Provides direct patient care as assigned, completing assignments accurately and in a timely manner 
  9. Conducts patients’ rounds daily and initiates corrective action as necessary and/or seeks assistance of RN supervisor or Director of Nursing. 
  10. Identifies safety hazards and emergency situations, reports them and initiates corrective action immediately. 
  11. Provides nursing care to patients without violating patients’ rights 
  12. Participates in facility education programs as assigned. 
  13. Attends all classes as assigned and completes assignments accurately and timely 
  14. Demonstrates a positive attitude of cooperation and enthusiasm during instruction in resident care activities. 
  15. Assumes personal responsibility for following facility procedures related to control of equipment and supplies within the unit. 
  16. Reports unusual problems or incidents to RN ‘supervisor or Director of Nursing immediately 
  17. Accurately documents incidents and/or unusual problems according to established facility procedures 
  18. Demonstrates consistent ability to work cooperative with residents, RN supervisors, Nurses, Restorative Assistants, Therapy Department, other nursing assistants, physicians, and other NDEC personnel. 
  19. Participates in patient Care Plans and other facility meetings as assigned 
  20. Participates in the development of an individual plan of care for patients assigned. Reviews care plan daily and perform nurse aide duties as outlined. 
  21. Documents in the nurse assistant notes or nurse assistant flow sheets each shift of duty regarding care and treatment provided to the patient and the patients response or lack of response provided, per facility policy. 
  22. Reports change in patient’s condition immediately to RN supervisor or Director of Nursing. 
  23. Performs basic nursing skills as outlined in facility education program, demonstrating knowledge and competence. 
  24. Seeks assistance when confronted with a patient problem that requires special assessment. 
  25. Follows facility procedures for admission, discharge and transfer of residents and completes all documentation        accurately and timely. 
  26. Greets patients by name and speaks to patient and coworkers in a kind, thoughtful manner 
  27. Listens to patient complaints attentively and reports problems to RN Supervisor promptly. 
  28. Responds appropriately to the feeling of others consistently by listening attentively and taking follow-up action 
  29. Controls angry feelings appropriately 
  30. Demonstrates concern for all patients’ welfare by rendering immediate assistance to any patient in need. 
  31. Answers call lights promptly 
  32. Works with cooperative spirit wherever assigned 
  33. Demonstrates warm, caring feelings about patients by responding appropriately to the needs expressed. 
  34. Comes to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrates dependability. 
  35. Comes to work in a clean, neat uniform and consistently adheres to dress code. 
  36. Recognizes that the Health Care Center is the Sisters home and works to foster that atmosphere. 
  37. Fosters atmosphere of teamwork and conveys an attitude of understanding, trust, concern, and sensitivity to all persons. 
  38. Sets appropriate example in dress and behavior, in the safe and efficient performance of responsibilities, and in communication and cooperation with all departments. 
  39. Follows established practices and procedures as outlined in the employee handbook. 
  40. Maintains confidentiality about Sisters at all times. 
  41. Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Required: none
  • Preferred: 1-2 year previous nursing assistant experience

Comes to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrates dependability and punctuality.

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