Full Time Cook

Chardon, OH

Title: Cook

Full Time


The Cook has responsibility for preparing and/or directing the preparation of food to be served complying with all applicable sanitation, health, and personal hygiene standards and following established food production programs and procedures. Responsible for appropriate use of supplies and equipment to minimize loss, waste, and fraud. 

  1. Prepare or direct preparation of food served using established procedures and systems, including special dietary meals as needed.  
  2. Determine amount of food and supplies required based on established menu.
  3. Plans food production to coordinate with meal serving hours so that excellence, quality, temperature and appearance of food are preserved.
  4. Set serving line; serve or ensure proper serving of food.
  5. Comply with established sanitation standards, personal hygiene, and health standards. 
  6. Store food properly and safely, marking date and item.
  7. Reports necessary equipment repair and maintenance to Food Service Manager.
  8. Support the Food Service Team by establishing and maintaining good rapport and cooperative working relationship.
  9. Accept donated food and incorporate products in daily menu, based on input of Food Service Manager.
  10. Prepare lists of food and supplies needed, and makes purchases when directed by the Food Service Manager.  
  11. Assists in storage and inventory control. Makes any necessary food substitutions as needed.
  12. Keeps work area neat and clean at all times; cleans and maintains equipment used in food preparation.
  13. Completes food temperature checks before service
  14. Set-up, serve and direct banquets and special events, without supervision if necessary.
  15. Oversee and direct the dishwashers, in the absence of the Food Service Manager.
  16. Other related duties and responsibilities within the scope of this position.

  1. Two years previous cooking experience.
  2. Must possess an updated certification in SERVSAFE or a similar program.  Employees will need to pass exams every 2 years.  New hires will need to present a certification at time of hire or complete a training and pass an exam within 30 days of hire for SERVSAFE or a similar course.
  3. Proficient interpersonal relations and communicative skills. Ability to approach people in a manner that creates harmony, promotes cooperation, and encourages feelings of acceptance and self-worth.
  4. Ability to determine portions, size of servings, and modify recipes when necessary. 
  5. Ability to make assessment of food based on smell and sight.
  6. Ability to follow written and oral instructions and procedures.
  7. Ability to make independent decisions when needed. 
  8. Ability to work alone and/or with others.
  9. Ability to use standard appliances and equipment.
  10. Ability to stand, reach, lift, bend, kneel, stoop, climb, push and pull items weighing 50 pounds or less.
  11. Support and cooperate with policies and procedures for:Safety, safe work practices.
  12. Confidentiality of all data, including resident, employee, and operations data.

  1. Rotating work schedule, including regular weekend rotation. 
  2. The kitchen can, at times, be noisy and extremes in temperature can be experienced (going to freezer, using ovens).
  3. The position operates in a kitchen environment, housed with equipment such as an oven, stove, dishwasher, slicer, coffee machine, steamer, mixer and chef’s knives. Employees are frequently exposed to heat, steam, fire and noise.
  4. The Cook is exposed to detergent and chemicals.


The Cook is directly accountable to the Food Service Manager

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